Thursday, 14 August 2008

Screen Recording Software

Free software, called Debut, that is a complete video recording and capturing software.

Debut is a very simple and easy to use program that allows you to capture video directly onto your PC from multiple sources including a webcam, a digital video camera, or from a capture device. It can also record anything on your desktop screen, including playing videos.

The cool thing about this software is that you can use it to record anything on your screen or from an external video source. Also, the program has the option to save the video in numerous formats, including AVI, WMV, FLV, ASF, MPG, 3GP, MP4, MOV and more!
So if you want to make a how-to tutorial or instructional video by recording certain procedures on your computer, Debut can do it. If you want to make your videos from your webcam and add captions and effects, Debut can do it. If you want to connect your digital video camera to your computer and record the video to your computer or to a DVD, Debut can do it.
It can also record audio along with video if you are making a instructional video. You can also adjust the resolution and frame rate of the final output video. It even has the option to email the video once the recording is complete.

Other sweet features include the ability to automatically record to two locations at once, such as to your computer and to a backup device. It can also automatically transmit videos over the Internet using FTP.

And if you already have a USB Video Capture Device, Debut will detect it and allow you to record anything that you can connect to the video capture device!

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