Tuesday, 11 November 2008

How Fast is Your Internet Connection

Have many free services web that test the speed of your internet connection, I am collect the popular site test the speed of your internet connection.

  • Speedtest.net is a free broadband speed test with servers located all over the world. Compare your results with others and easily share them. Global Stats : How does your ISP perform compared to others, Analyze broadband speeds around the world, Moving? See which ISPs rank best at your destination.
  • Promos.mcafee.com/speedometer find out how fast or slow your Internet connection is with our Internet Connection Speedometer. You could be using your network connection at work, or at home using a dial-up modem, ISDN connection, a cable modem, or a digital subscriber line (DSL). Whatever the device or technology you're using to surf the Web, we'll tell you the speed of your Internet connection
  • Performance.toast.net this tool is used to test your internet connection speed. You can test both upload and download speeds. Result will display average bandwidth result from other ISP users that use this testing site. This will give you something to benchmark your broadband internet.

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