Saturday, 22 November 2008

Control Panel Applets and Shortcuts

We can open the Control Panel by clicking Start --> Control Panel. If it's not on your Start Menu, it's easy to add:
  1. Right-click the Start button and choose --> Properties.
  2. On the Start Menu tab, make sure the first (non-classic) Start Menu option is selected and click --> Customize.
  3. Click --> Advanced tab.
  4. In the Start Menu Items list under the Control Panel section, select either Display As Link or Display As Menu. The former (the default) simply displays a Control Panel option on the Start Menu; the latter displays the Control Panel option with a cascading menu providing direct access to each Control Panel applet.
  5. Click OK twice to exit.

Note: If want to see the Control Panel in My Computer? You can add it via the Folder Options dialog (open any folder, choose Folder Options from the Tools Menu, click the View tab and select the option).

Below is the Common Control Panel applets direct call to the specific Control Panel.

Common Control Panel applets

Accessibility Options access.cpl
Add New Hardware hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
Date/Time Properties timedate.cpl
Display Properties desk.cpl
FindFast findfast.cpl
Fonts Folder control fonts
Folder Properties control folder
Internet Properties inetcpl.cpl
Joystick Properties joy.cpl
Keyboard Properties main.cpl keyboard
Modem Properties control modem.cpl
Mouse Properties main.cpl
Multimedia Properties mmsys.cpl
Network Properties ncpa.cpl
Power Management control powercfg.cpl
Printers Folder control printers
Regional Settings intl.cpl
Scanners and Cameras control sticpl.cpl
Sound Properties mmsys.cpl sounds
System Properties sysdm.cpl
User Setting nusrmgr.cpl

For example, to open Internet Properties dialog you click Start --> Run, type: inetcpl.cpl

and click OK.

How, then, do you gain access to a specific tab in that dialog box? You use an extended form of the Control command:

control applet.cpl,@applet_number,tab_number

The applet_number is rarely required. There are a couple of cpl files which give access to multiple applets and in those cases you use the applet_number to identify which one you're calling. For example, main.cpl provides access to both the Mouse and the Keyboard properties. The numbering starts at 0, so control main.cpl,@0 opens the Mouse Properties, control main.cpl,@1 opens the Keyboard Properties. If you don't include an applet_number, @0 is assumed.

The tab_number is the number of the tab you want selected in the dialog box, with numbering starting from 0 from the left.

If you want to use a tab_number but want to omit the applet_number (or leave its value at 0), insert an extra comma before the tab_number to indicate the missing value. Thus:

control main.cpl,,3

opens the Mouse Properties dialog to its fourth tab.

So to open the Sounds and Audio Device Properties dialog with the Sounds tab already selected, click Start --> Run and enter the command:

control mmsys.cpl,,1

Create a shortcuts

Create a desktop shortcut for your want and then stick them in the Quick Launch bar or wherever else you want.

  1. Right-click the desktop and choose New --> Shortcut.
  2. Type the appropriate command in the Create Shortcut dialog and click Next. For example:
    control appwiz.cpl,,1 (this will open the Add Or Remove Programs dialog with the Add New Programs section selected).
  3. Type a name for this shortcut, such as Add New Programs, and click Finish.

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